Future Bilingual Leaders Club

General description of the club includes;

1-Provide guidance and support to the bilingual students population to development and refine the skills necessary to search for and apply to college and / or career opportunities. Additionally, I will help our undocumented population with legal issues and inform them of their opportunities for higher education.

2-Create a positive environment for students to discuss their career aspirations and create effective strategies to research the job market and / or college requirements for attaining their desired post-high school educational or career path.

3-Provide guidance to the student on completing job and / or college applications

Activities that students will participate in:

1-Contact different institutions to learn the proper mechanism to identify job and / or college opportunities

2-Complete job and / college applications

3-Discussion groups to brainstorm about job and / or career opportunities

Where will the students meet?

Students will meet with Ms. Pitti-Wynd in room 326.

Students will meet for an hour, twice monthly on Thursday.