East Side Opportunity Program (ESOP)

East Side Opportunity Program ( ESOP)  -The East Side Opportunity Program is being offered by East Side High School and is open to all deserving Freshmen and Sophomores. ESOP seeks to advance opportunities for our students within this program after completing rigorous Honors/AP (Advanced Placement) courses their first two years. ESOP students will be able to choose from these programs of study: IB (International Baccalaureate), or the Early College Program that leads to an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts.

Our Honors/Gifted and Talented Program/East Side Opportunity Program (ESOP) are available within all Departments. These programs further enhance our exceptional students’ opportunities to hone their skills to succeed in a competitive university and ultimately, in the workforce. These programs offer close interaction with the faculty, small class sizes,cross-disciplinary study and off-campus opportunities.

East Side is Newark’s largest comprehensive high school and has been a beacon in the district and the East Ward for over 100 years. With this tradition in mind, we at East Side have developed a program through which our best and brightest will have a chance to shine. We understand that our children are facing new challenges for their futures and you, as parents, need to know that East Side has their best hopes as our central concern. At the center of ESOP will be the well being of your child’s education, character and future. Come and see what we can do here at East Side High School