Diogo Rebelo

Our student of the month is junior Diogo Rebelo.  Diogo was born in Portugal and came to the US at 10 years old.  He continued his education at Oliver Street School and then came to East Side two years ago as a freshman.   Diogo is an excellent student with a cumulative grade point average of 3.97 with all Honors and AP classes.  As a junior, Diogo enrolled in our Essex County Early College Program. When he is not studying, Diogo loves to play soccer.  In fact, he is so talented that he presently plays for the New York Red Bulls.  He was just invited by the US Soccer Federation to play in their Winter Showcase in Lakewood, Florida this winter.  Diogo would love to get a scholarship and play at Penn State, Pittsburgh or Wake Forest.  With his academic excellence and his talent in soccer, this dream is within his reach.  So, congratulations to Diogo Rebelo for being selected as our Student of the Month.