Christian Gomes.

Our student of the month is Mr. Christian Gomes.  Christian is from our Class of 2021 and has already left his footprint here at East Side.  Christian graduated from Ann Street as one of the top students there.  After visiting East Side in 8th grade, he fell in love with our school making East Side his first choice.  Christina is in all honor classes with a current GPA of 4.4.  Christian is already involved in many activities such as the Drama Club, Student Council, the Swim Team, Comic Book Club, Anatomy Club and the after school video production club .  Christian walks around East side with a big smile on his face, he is kind, enthusiastic, and all around outstanding person.  Christian dreams of having a career in the medical field and possibly attending Harvard University.  Christian is so proud to be an East Sider and he has made East Side a better place.  So, please congratulate Christian Gomes for being selected our student of the month.