Camila Velasco.

Representing the Class of 2018 is our senior of the month, Camila Velasco.  Everyone knows Camila .  She is friendly and always has a smile on her face.  She makes it a point to go seek out students who need help or seemed lost.  Besides being Camila very outgoing, Camila has a cumulative GPA of 3.7 and is enrolled in our Early College program where she will have an Associate Degree along with her high school diploma in June of 2018. Camila came to the USA when she was 9 years old with hopes and dreams of having more opportunity.  She attended Lafayette School and then was very proud to come to East Side high school.  She has thrived here not only academically but a leader of her back to her community through her work with the National Honor Society.  In the fall, Camila has been accepted into the Rutgers Honor Living Community and plans to one day become a pediatrician.  So, congratulations to Camila Velasco as being selected our Senior of he Month.