Big6 Research Model

Use the Big6 Skills™ as a process for writing a report and using information effectively:

BIG 6 Skill ™ #1: Task Definition (What does this assignment require me to do?)

  • Choosing, exploring, and narrowing the topic
  • Developing a thesis statement

BIG 6 Skill™ #2: Information Seeking Strategies (What information do I need?)

  • Brainstorming possible sources of information
  • Identifying the best and most reliable sources of information

BIG 6 Skill™ #3: Location and Access (Where will I find the information?)

  • Identifying key words
  • Locating information
  • Finding the information you need within the sources

BIG 6 Skill™ # 4: Use of Information (How will I use the information?)

  • Reading, viewing, listening
  • Recording source information
  • Taking notes, using different formats

BIG 6 Skill™ #5: Synthesis (When I put everything together, what is the final product?)

  • Organizing information and writing the first draft
  • Revising and editing
  • Writing the final copy and Works Cited page

BIG 6 Skill™ #6: Evaluation (How did I do? How can I improve next time?)

  • Judging final result
  • Judging the process used to complete the final result