The beauty of the sport is that it is no less of a work of art than paintings, writings, or even dance. Used by many as an alternate way to express themselves, athletes tend to use the fame and respect obtained from their society as a way to communicate generally. It’s difficult to leave out such a topic when it had done and achieved so much for our community’s sake. Of course, BHSEC has many athletic opportunities for those interested.

I had the pleasure to speak to a member of the BHSEC Cheerleading Squad, and had the opportunity to learn more about what it is like being in the team. “I like it a lot, we learn a lot of cheers, but in addition to working hard, we still have a lot of fun and laughs”, says Jayda. She is very euphoric about the great accomplishments that the girls have, and will conquer. Cheerleading is an open door for many new experiences, and it is sure a lot of fun aside from that! It is great that many of our school’s students have the opportunity to express themselves by simply doing what they love. “Cheer means a lot to me, because I’ve been doing it for a long time”, she tells me.


(by Isadora Pedroso)