Short Story

Sand by Tia Blue-Lewis


I went to the beach one afternoon. I saw a gorgeous girl, with a gorgeous smile and gorgeous eyes, sitting in the sand. She was plucking the petals off a daisy. I felt as if I’d seen Her somewhere before. Somewhere in an entirely different lifetime. I wanted to approach her but I couldn’t. I was too afraid. Too afraid to open up. To speak, to reveal. I then looked closer and saw tears flowing down her cheeks. “Don’t worry,” she looked over at me with a sad looking smile. “I’m afraid too.” I saT down next to her and wrapped my arm around her as the waves rolled.


“Today didn’t go as well I expected.” she laughed sadly. I remember sitting in the coffee shop that morning, then it clicks. She stormed out, leaving her things at the table she was sitting at. “Tell me about it.” I say, glancing over at her. She proceeded to pour out her day, letting out all the unreleased tension and stress that she’d been bottling up all day. After that, she let out a breath. We sat there in silence, watching the sun move over the ocean.