Music Review

From old and new and everything in between, I’m here to review the music and to tell you everything there is to know! I’ll review the most underground to the most popular music there is out there, of every genre of course, and I’ll give my most honest opinion.

To start off, I want to go back in time to some good old rock, and talk Nirvana. I mean, what is there not to love? From the older albums to the ‘newest’ ones, you can find at least two handfuls of songs you will love. The catchy beats and deep lyrics sure can get you in a trance, but you sure will love it. His voice and style are perfect, and no to mention you have many albums to listen to listen to, considering they made close to twenty albums. Even if you don’t enjoy the music I’m sure you can appreciate the interesting story of Kurt and Courtney.

To move it along, who doesn’t love a little hip-hop/trap music? I know I sure do, and even if it’s played a lot, I could never get tired of 21 savage. Oh yes, the one and only. I mean yes, there are others, but how could I not mention him/ He makes pretty good music If I do say so myself. I mean yes, he’s explicit and kind of “out there”, but all the more reason to love him, how could you not? There is just so much to discuss about him, and so much to review. From “X” to “Thug Life”, there’s so many different things he does,

Yeah, those two are great and all but I want to go a little underground for a bit. If you’re a fan of indie music I got just the thing. Cyberbully Mom Club is such a good band with such a unique style and catchy songs. They are great to listen to for almost anything. It honestly makes me feel like I’m in a 90s movie after a heartbreak or something cool when I listen to them. Their music is so addictive and it’s sad not too many know about them, because they deserve more light shone on them. To wrap this all up let me dive into the pop world and give you a few examples: Shape of you (Ed Sheeran), Attention (CHarlie Puth), What Lovers Do (Maroon 5), and the list goes on. Yeah, sure, the songs are good, but honestly, k-pop is still better in my opinion. 🙂


Playlist of the week!:

  1. Gym Class by Lil Peep
  2. Adult Nightmares by Cyberbully Mom Club
  3. In Bloom by Nirvana
  4. Facetime by 21 Savage \
  5. Betrayed by LIl Xan
  6. So Sad, So Sad by Varsity
  7. Vice City by XXXTentation
  8. Prblms by 6lack


(a review by Fabiana Valle).