Learning Center & Library

Welcome to the Bard High School Early College Newark
Learning Center and Library

  • You may use the physical Library Media Center for academic and personal information needs before and after school and during lunch.
  • During your study period you should be working on school assignments. Be sure to include this period into your time management plan.
  • Please, no food or beverages.
  • Books may be borrowed for a period of 15 school days and renewed up to two additional times as long as no other student has placed a hold on the book.
  • Appropriate language only!
  • Cell phone calls are not permitted.
  • Show care when using all library resources.
  • Print only what you really need. Do not waste our limited paper resources.
  • Treat others with dignity and respect.
  • Respect other people’s right to a quiet place to study.
  • Students need to have an Acceptable Use Policy [AUP] signed by a parent or guardian before using the school’s computers.