Tamar Mitchell

As child growing up in the inner city of Newark, NJ my first role models were teachers in the public schools.  I am a first generation college student from a single-parent household.   My life has been full of challenges and opportunities.  Graduating with high honors from Douglass College,  I received the Ralph Johnson Bunche Distinguished Fellowship Award to pursue my Master Degree at Rutgers University.

While attending Rutgers (New Brunswick)  I found my desire and calling to help others.   The social work profession has given me many opportunities to advocate for the needs of youth and bring about real change for families.  I have been employed with the Newark Public Schools for seventeen (17) years.

I see myself as a positive role model for a new generation of high school students.    I strive to understand the needs of my community and the challenges people face on a daily basis.  My love for humanity keeps me grounded and devoted to my work both on a personal and professional level.