Seth D. Halvorson

Research Interests:
Dr. Halvorson’s interests include Political, Ethical, and Social Philosophy, Policy Analysis, Classical and Contemporary Theories of Democracy and Citizenship, and History of Technology. He has presented at national and international conferences on diverse topics in Philosophy, Education, Ethics, History, and Politics. Prior to his graduate education, Seth spent 3 years at the Institute of Politics at Harvard University. His recent work has focused on the use of ethico-ecological vocabularies in the Anthropocene. He is undertaking a book-length study of the civic, moral, and educative dimensions of speed in the spheres of American social life.

Prior to joining Bard, Dr. Halvorson was a lecturer in the Philosophy Department at Columbia University.  He has been repeatedly recognized for excellence in Undergraduate teaching and is currently the coach of the Debate team at BHSEC-Newark.