History – About Our School

Abington Avenue School is 117 years old. It is an elementary school, grades Pre-K through eight, with a population of over 850 students of diverse ethnic, cultural and racial background. Students whose home language is not English make up a majority of our population, Spanish being the dominant home language. Of these, nearly 15% are limited English proficiency students. Among our many accomplishments, we are proud of the fact that students of Abington Avenue School continue to make gains in acquisition of knowledge and academic performance as evidenced by both state and district based assessment instruments. Much of this is due to the dedication and hard work of our teachers and staff. We have other reasons to be proud. Student attendance consistently meets or exceeds the New Jersey state average. Apart from ELA or English Language Arts, Abington Avenue School offers students a diverse academic experience, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math).

Abington is one of the few schools in the Newark Public School system to have a STEM Lab. Students work cooperatively on a variety of activities and investigations designed to increase their knowledge and understanding in core subjects. We hope to continue our efforts in preparing students to acquire the skills necessary to become successful adults.