SY 2017-18 Field Trips

At Thirteenth Avenue/Dr. MLK Jr. School, we take pride in making sure that our scholars are receiving adequate education, while enjoying school to it’s fullest capacity. Our scholars go on many field trips to various locations, that provide an educational and entertaining experience. The document below provides a timeline of the field trips that we’ve taken for this school year. We look forward to the plethora of field trips we will experience next year.

2017/2018 Field Trip Report


9/25 NJPAC (Middle school)


10/5 Montville Pumpkins Farm (Kindergarten)


11/15 Liberty Science Center (1st & 2nd grade)

11/15 NJPAC (Middle School)


12/15 Adventure Aquarium (Preschool)


1/11 Adventure Aquarium (3rd grade)

1/12 Madame Tussauds (6th – 8th Sped.)

1/18 NJPAC (5th grade)


2/9 Great Debaters (6th grade)


3/1 Middle School Conference (Middle School)


4/5 Apple Store (3rd grade)

4/12 Adventure Aquarium (Kindergarten – 2nd grade)

4/18 METC (3rd grade)





5/9 NJPAC (Preschool)

5/10 Liberty Science Center (4th & 5th grade)

5/16 Imagine That (Preschool)

5/24 Bronx Zoo (7th grade)

5/29 NJPAC (3rd grade)


6/1 Sky zone (8th grade)

6/1 Kidz Village (Preschool)

6/1 Bronx Zoo (3rd – 4th grade)

6/1 NJPAC (3rd grade)

6/4 Liberty Science (Preschool)

6/4 Donaldson Farms (8th grade)

6/4 Adventure Aquarium (4th -7th grade)

6/5 Franklin Mineral Museum (3rd grade)

6/5 Kean University (8th grade)

6/5 Rutgers University (Preschool)

6/8 Intrepid (8th grade)

6/12 Microsoft (3rd grade)

6/12 Militia Museum (2nd grade)

6/13 Bronx Zoo (3rd & 4th grade)

6/13 Bronx Zoo (6th & 8th grade)

6/14 Franklin Institute (7th grade & Porter)