West Side High School Grading, Progress Reports, Report Cards, and Honor Roll

Grading Policy

West Side High School students are graded in accordance with standards set by the Newark Public Schools:

  • A = 90 – 100 %
  • B = 80 – 89 %
  • C = 70 – 79%
  • D = 60 – 69%
  • F = below 60%

Academic grades are based upon class work, participation, test scores, project scores, quizzes, logs, labs, homework.

Progress Reports are issued four times per year, mid-cycle prior to Report Card distribution for each grading quarter. Progress Reports offer students and families an early indicator of Report Card cycle grades.

Report Cards for West Side High School students are distributed at district-scheduled Parent Conferences for the first three cycles.

Super Honor Roll Criteria: All A’s in all subjects.

Honor Roll Criteria: All A’s and B’s in all subjects.

Honorable Mention Criteria: A’s and B’s with only one C in all subjects.