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At Fourteenth Avenue School, we strive to provide a caring, challenging, and safe environment where all children acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be an independent learner.  Our staff is encouraged to collaborate with one another with trust and commitment to ensure a well-rounded, quality education for our students.

Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility and respect for each other and for their teachers at all times. When children practice these virtues, they are following a path to a successful and productive life.

On this web site, our goal is to recognize the special efforts of our teachers and students.  The site will also familiarize you with the variety of activities that our students are involved in during a typical day of learning at Fourteenth Avenue School. We hope that you find all the presented information helpful and enlightening. We are a parent friendly school so call or visit our parent liaison, Ms. Sonia Echevarria.

Alyson Barillari


FY2014 HIB Grades (March 4, 2014)


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