silhouette20dancing20peopleThe Dance and Theater curriculum at Mount Vernon provides a foundation for success in the exposure of dance and theater study by helping the student develop skills in movement and provide information related to historical references (Social/Cultural Dance, History, Aesthetics, Critique, Improvisation, Anatomy, Kinesiology and, Staging) that fuses dance and theater with interdisciplinary activities. Written and movement based assessments are given to gage the students intellectual and physical progress. Students are required to participate in school based performance opportunities.

The curriculum is utilized for all grade level dance and theater students. Elements of dance used initiate the beginning of exploration and understanding of body alignment, with a strong focus on functional alignment and body care. Students are introduced to the fundamentals of Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz and Ethnic dance as well as Dance and Film History. The dramatic elements of speech, character building, and playwriting are some of the instruments used to initiate a foundation for theater.

The program at Mount Vernon recognizes all students and celebrates their culture. In all forms, dance is intrinsically multicultural. The study of its disciplines, art forms and genres therefore must be multicultural and gender inclusive.

Dance Field Trips

Mt. Vernon School is notorious for exposing students to the world artistry of Dance. It is our belief that the arts are an important element for lifelong learning for students. Our field trips are generally connected to a partnership with a professional arts venue. 

Annually 32 of our students have the opportunity to participate in the Joyce Dance Education Residency Program at the Joyce Theater in New York City. As a result of their participation, students are able to attend two performances by world renowned dance companies. 

Another annual addition to our roster of field trips is the performances that our students attend to the New Victory Theater in New York City. Mount Vernon School has maintained a long standing partnership with the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to secure multiple opportunities to see amazing school time performances in our own backyard in Newark. Our field trips are essential to elevating students’ minds through artistic exposure.