Welcome to the Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School website. It is our pleasure to share events happening at our school with all stakeholders who are helping to make a difference in the lives of approximately 850 students who are under our care. The information and activities found on our website are intended to serve as a tool for parents, students, teachers, and community members to gain greater insight into the wealth of programs being offered at our school. We also view this site as a vehicle to establish stronger communication among the school, home and community-at-large.

The Dr. William H. Horton family is working to identify and overcome areas of academic need, while continuing to support areas of academic strength. We feel that it is vital that we encourage respect for the individuality of each child. Every child has gifts and talents that must be explored and nurtured so that each child feels like a valued member of our school community. It is through collaboration and commitment that much can be accomplished. We believe in every student we teach, and we fully understand that students, staff, and community members encounter opportunities for learning everyday.

At Dr. Horton, we give hope to all who enter our doors and ignite dreams for future leaders.


Karisa DeSantis, Principal



Paul Izzo, Chief Innovative Officer



Hamlet Marte, Vice Principal



Najran Cowens, Vice Principal



Sharonda Evans, Vice Principal



A Word From Our Principal


Dear Families,

Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!  My name is Karisa DeSantis and I am honored to be the new principal of Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School.  I am proud to be working alongside an all new administrative team consisting of Mr. Paul Izzo our Chief Innovative Officer and three Vice Principals, Ms. Najran Cowins, Ms. Sharanda Evans and Mr. Hamlet Marte.  Our administrative team brings the students and staff of Dr. Horton a variety of knowledge and experiences.  We share the common belief that our students can and will achieve great success this year.

The 2017-2018 school year brings many exciting changes at Dr. Horton.  This year you will see many new staff members as well as an increase of instructional supports in our building.  We will maintain strong focus this year on culture, climate and teacher quality at Dr. Horton in order to foster a culture of excellence and deliver the best instruction possible to the students.

As partners, we share the responsibility for the children’s future.  No school can be fully successful without the support of families and the community.  Please keep the lines of communication open between your home and our school.  Collaboration and a positive attitude will enable us to overcome the challenges of academic excellence and will allow us to grow and succeed together.

I am privileged to serve as leader of Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School, and I am committed to the success of our students.  I look forward to meeting you all in the beginning of the school year!  Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Warmest regards,

Karisa DeSantis


Dr. William H. Horton Elementary School