District Evaluations Advisory Committee

The Newark Public Schools District Advisory Committee (DEAC) was developed to advise on evaluation practices, ensuring that a variety of key stakeholders are involved in the planning and implementation process. Membership includes school administrators, teachers, parents, district staff, and union representative.

Meeting Dates 2017-18 School Year

  • Meeting 1: October 26, 2017

A full list of the 2017-18 membership:

  • Deborah Richardson
  • Scott Hood
  • David DeOliveria
  • Caren Verde
  • Meg Murry
  • Havier Nazario
  • Samuel Garrison
  • Michael Iovino
  • Yasmeen Sampson
  • Jennifer St. Hill
  • Tracy Blazquez
  • Nicholas Ferriero
  • Gregory Devitt
  • Dana Moore
  • Herbert Daughtry
  • Larisa Shambaugh