New School Year Ordering 2018-2019

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

The Purchasing Department desires to provide optimal service in order to meet the needs of your school community. The ordering details for the most common goods and services are provided in the “NEW SCHOOL YEAR ORDERING” folder. This information should help you navigate through the PeopleSoft eProcurement system and maximize efficient processing. There are a few changes for the new school year that warrant highlighting(*). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information. Share these forms and related information with your staff.

New School Year Ordering
Name Downloads File Size
Name Downloads File Size
Calculators 2018-2019
278 downloads 34.5 KB
Forms (Health and Admin) Elementary Diplomas 2018-2019
194 downloads 23.1 KB
New School Year Ordering 2018-2019
553 downloads 890.7 KB
NPS Cellular Phone Price List - Policy - Procedures
212 downloads 916.1 KB
Paper Drinking Cup 2018-2019
97 downloads 54.2 KB
Professional Development and Extended Learning Time Pre-Qualification Solicitation Index 2018-2019
224 downloads 18.3 KB
Purchasing - Frequently Asked Questions
659 downloads 389.2 KB
Telephones 2018-2019
423 downloads 34 KB
Toner and Cartridges 2018-2019
1036 downloads 36.7 KB
Vendor Reference File 2018-2019
964 downloads 33.2 KB
Warehouse Multipurpose Paper 2018-19
1537 downloads 16.3 KB
Water 2018-2019
593 downloads 216.4 KB
High School Athletics 2018-2019
Name Downloads File Size
Name Downloads File Size
Athletics Supplies and Equipment Winter Spring 2018-2019
333 downloads 1.2 MB
High School Athletic Supplies Summer & Fall 2018-2019
226 downloads 1.3 MB
Medical Supplies
169 downloads 44 KB
Furniture 2018-2019
Name Downloads File Size
Name Downloads File Size
Hertz Classroom Furniture
272 downloads 929.7 KB
Johnson Business Products Seating
176 downloads 13.9 MB
Paperclips, File Cabinets
188 downloads 1.5 MB
School Specialty Classroom Furniture and File Cabinets
325 downloads 10.3 MB
Virco Classroom Furniture
212 downloads 1.7 MB
Copiers 2018-2019
Name Downloads File Size
Name Downloads File Size
Copier Contact List
140 downloads 39.2 KB
Copier Inventory Data Sheet 2017-2018
335 downloads 28.1 KB
Steps to Creating a New Lease Copier Requisition
116 downloads 580.4 KB