Help Us Help You

Please dial (973) 733-8700 and select one of the following options:

Press Option 1 For questions concerning NPS logins or passwords, as well as resetting of passwords, or unlocking of NPS accounts.
Press Option 2 For Employee Self Service (ESS) questions.
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Press Option 3 For PowerSchool/Teacher support.
Press Option 4 For Aesop support.
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When calling into the Help Desk, and you get Voicemail or if you email ISD Customer Support with questions or for support, please remember to provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • 10 Digit Telephone Number
  • Location and Room Number
  • B# of the Laptop, Admin Computer, or Workstation Name of Student Computer
  • Description of the Issue (Please provide details, such as error messages, or a screen shot)