Online Speaking Request

This form is intended for members of the public to request a three-minute speaking opportunity at the next available Newark Public Schools Regular Board Meetings.

For Regular Board Meetings, all speakers must sign-up in advance of the next Regular Meeting date by completing this Online Speaking Request Form. The sign-up period for the next available Regular Board Meeting will close by 4:00 p.m. five (5) calendar days prior to the day of the next Regular Board Meeting.

For all other public Board Meetings—including Business Board Meetings, Board Retreats, and Special Board Meetings—a maximum of ten (10) individuals will be allowed to speak, and it is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If Newark Public Schools are closed or dismissed early (for example, due to inclement weather), any Board meeting scheduled on that same date will be cancelled. If Newark Public Schools are open or have a delayed opening, any Board meeting scheduled on that same date will remain scheduled..

The subject matter of public comment shall be limited to matters of public concern, and the Board Chair may terminate a speaker’s comments at any point, at his or her discretion, if such comments do not reasonably focus on matters of public concern or do not follow meeting decorum. An individual who registered to speak cannot give his/her time to another individual. All speakers will be required to give their names and addresses.
  • This form has a hard cut-off time of 4PM on the Thursday before a Tuesday meeting. 700 character limit.