Music Department

music  Music speaks
what cannot be expressed
Sooths the mind
and gives it rest
Heals the heart
and makes it whole
Flows from heaven to the soul.
 La música habla
lo que no se puede expresar.
Calma la mente y le da descanso.
Sana el corazón y hace fluír todo
Desde el cielo hacia el alma.


Welcome to our Music Department.
We have excellent staff who encourage support from
our scholars’ family and from our community.
Bienvenidos al Departamento de Música.
Tenemos excelentes profesores que fomentan el apoyo
a familiares de nuestros estudiantes y de nuestra comunidad.



‘I enjoy being a service to our sholars in a way that helps shape them to be the best individuals they can become.’
‘I want to make our scholars capable and receptive to find out how to incorporate the discipline of learning music into overall life skills.’
Ms. Robison
Mr. Sneed
Montclair  Montclair State University
Lebanon Lebanon Valley College
‘Teaching is the most effective and enjoyable way to change the world.’
Mr. Wilson
Montclair  Montclair State University
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