School’s Alma Mater

Barringer High School Alma Mater
So Our Alma Mater proud, Famed in song and story
Hide between the sailing clouds, Catch the sunset glory.
Barringer High, Our name, we raise,
Long may we grow and prosper.
Through the years, We pledge thee praise,
Loyal to Our Barringer.

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Newark High School Alma Mater


Over many a city old, Famed in song and story,
Temple gray and castle hold, Catch the sunset glory.
So our Alma Mater Proud Looks o’er vale and meadow,
High between the sailing cloud, And its drifting shadow.
For her colors, first the Blue Of the April valley,
Then December’s wintry hue, When the storm winds rally.
Newark High thy fame will raise, Many voices blending,
Through the years we pledge thee praise, Loyal to life’s ending.
By Junius W. Stephens, 1924