2016-17 Board Committees

Community Engagement Committee

Mission: To empower families and the community with resources, information, and opportunities related to Newark Public Schools (NPS) and public education.  To develop innovative ways to increase parent participation and community inclusion for the effective implementation of the key milestones in the Strategic Plan, timely NPS initiatives, and other NPS community engagement responsibilities.  To ensure all NPS communications to the public and families are clear, accurate, timely, and transparent. To strengthen partnerships with multiple stakeholders, including but not exclusive of families, alumni, businesses, and community organizations.

  • Kim Gaddy, Chair
  • Dashay Carter, Vice Chair
  • Leah Owens
  • Tave Padilla
  • Margarita Muniz, Executive Director, Family and Community Engagement
  • Paul Nedeau, Communications and External Affairs

Personnel Policy Committee

Mission: To drive efficiency and proper alignment of NPS organizational structure and strategic goals of the districts. To annually review district personnel policies and recommend new policies and/or amendments to existing policies to ensure compliance with statutes and long term strategy of NPS. To enact sound HR practices that will strengthen the culture of the NPS workforce.

  • Dashay Carter, Chair
  • Philip Seelinger, Jr., Vice Chair
  • Donald Jackson, Jr.
  • Leah Owens
  • Larisa Shambaugh, Chief Talent Officer

Operations Committee

Mission: To drive efficiency of Newark Public Schools operations in the area of facilities and safety. To ensure the proper maintenance of NPS facilities. To ensure the establishment of safe working and learning environments for NPS students and employees implementation of sound public safety policies/initiatives.

  • Marques-Aquil Lewis, Chair
  • Donald Jackson, Vice Chair
  • Kim Gaddy
  • Tave Padilla
  • Keith Barton, Executive Managing Director, Operations
  • Eric Ingold, Executive Director of Safety

Legal Committee (adhoc)

Mission: To review legal issues impacting Newark Public Schools.

  • Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson, Chair
  • Crystal Fonseca, Vice Chair
  • Marques-Aquil Lewis
  • Philip C. Seelinger, Jr.
  • Charlotte Hitchcock, General Counsel

Program and Instruction Committee

Mission: To provide process guidance, standards and oversight of the curriculum approval process and consider matters related to PreK-12 curriculum and instruction. To strengthen student achievement by supporting efforts in ensuring all students are college-ready, ultimately increasing high school graduation rates.

  • Leah Owens, Chair
  • Dashay Carter, Vice Chair
  • Crystal Fonseca
  • Kim Gaddy
  • Dr. Caleb Perkins, Deputy Chief Academic Officer

Finance Committee

Mission: To ensure the financial solvency of Newark Public Schools so that it provides quality academic programs to its students. To strengthen the fiscal position of Newark Public Schools so that funds are used more effectively and efficiently at Central Office and in schools; while prioritizing spending to directly impact student achievement and operational efficiency.

  • Crystal Fonsesca, Chair
  • Dashay Carter, Vice Chair
  • Antoinette Baskerville-Richardson
  • Tave Padilla
  • Valerie Wilson, School Business Administrator

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