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Louise A. Spencer School
Latasha McZorn, Campus Director

Citizen Schools
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What We Do

Citizen Schools partners with public middle schools in low-income communities to provide an expanded learning day, rich with opportunities. Citizen Schools serve middle school students at the Louise A. Spencer School by providing an additional 320 minutes of learning time each week to their school day and by bringing volunteers to the school community every Tuesday and Thursday for apprenticeships. Apprenticeships focus on 21st Century Skills and STEM and inspire students to discover and achieve their dreams. Citizen Schools is in their third year of partnership with the Louise. A. Spencer School.

Citizen Schools Focus on Free Write to Improve ELA Grades

The Spencer campus goal for the year for students is that 50% of students will improve C/D/F grades in Math and ELA. While the campus focuses on Math during our Academic Block, there is less of a focus on ELA and grade improvement in that area. To address this, we have added another program component called Free Write. Free Write will allow our students to improve their ELA skills in areas like context clues, persuasive writing and vocabulary.  The Free Write component will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays  for a hour after our AIM homework help block. We are confident that this will help our students improve their ELA grades in addition to their Math grades through the Citizen Schools program. Students complete an additional 15 minutes of independent or guided reading during AIM.