South Street School for Character Development is located in the Ironbound section of Newark. As you enter the school, the original cornerstone reads 1883. Although our building is 126 years old, it is alive and very vibrant hosting a variety of programs to meet the needs of our multi-lingual, multi-ethnic students and their families.

The staff, administration and parents work together with the support of the Newark Public Schools to implement a standard based curriculum aimed at improving student achievement and supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of our school plan. Recognizing the unique role of the elementary school in establishing the foundation for lifelong learners, the staff of South Street School is dedicated to the task of providing students with the highest level of academic preparation. Our curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Core Content Standards, thus preparing out students to be critical thinkers in all content areas.

Aligning state standards with the curriculum and modifying instruction is a continuous team process at South Street School. The administration and faculty meet regularly to review, interpret and discuss the implementation of the NJCCCS. We continuously analyze data gathered from assessments, teacher observations and anecdotal records to identify areas of student strengths and weaknesses, which in turn helps us to determine the type of staff development necessary for improved instruction. The staff employs cooperative and flexible grouping, problem solving and thinking skills, while incorporating technology into the academic environment.

To meet the needs of our diverse population, South Street School offers instruction in both English and Spanish. The primary grade teachers are involved in the Children’s Literacy Initiative (CLI) Program. Guided Reading is also practiced in the classrooms, as is Every Day Math. Tutoring services and Reading Recovery are also available to further support our young learners. We have self contained classes and resource room instruction for our students. In addition, our support staff addresses the emotional needs of our young learners. Our goal is to meet each individual student’s needs to the best of our ability.

We pride ourselves in our Character Education program. We infuse character education into our literacy program and implement best practices throughout the school. The Six Pillars of Character Education are represented by six animal puppets who visit the students during assembly programs to reinforce character education. Each year there is a culminating event that the parents and community join in celebrating character education and the students’ achievements.

At South Street School, the learning does not stop at dismissal. The Extended Day Program is geared towards the continuation of the development of the students so that they may excel not only on state tests, but in daily school activities and are provided the opportunity to explore their appreciation for the arts. We offer organized help with homework. Students are encouraged to develop their minds, bodies, special interests and talents as well as their academic and social skills in the After School Program.

Ms. Karen George-Gray
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