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Ms. Scipio
Ms. Meshele L. Scipio, B.S., MAT
Middle School Science Teacher
Room {222}
74 Montgomery Street
Newark NJ, 07103
Welcome Current and Prospective Students and Parents!

If no one else has already told you, YOUR FUTURE IS SO MUCH BRIGHTER!

A little bit about me: I am a NJ Certified Biology teacher. I taught high school Environmental Science, Forensic Science and Public Health,  and I currently serve as the Middle School Science Teacher at American History High. Additionally, I am the club sponsor for the Leading Ladies Club (school-based organization of Leading Ladies Inc. in partnership with Progressive Achievers Women of Power). I am a proponent for higher education and it is my priority that your students are prepared so that they can be successful in college and beyond. I am fair and helpful, and always seek ways to get my students to succeed. I do not accept failure! I see potential!
PARENTS: We are gearing up for the end of the year, which includes the Science/Math Fair!! Students can begin choosing Science Fair topics and projects that they are interested in. Please visit the "Science Fair" link for more details!
Last Modified on May 16, 2014