Dental Academy

Central High School

Creating a Smile to Success


Ms. M. Montgomery, Academy Vice Principal

Dental AcademyMr. Allen, Music-Band

Ms. S. Bryson, Dental

Ms. A. Berry, Technology

Ms. C. Bowman, Guidance

Ms. Cortez, Paraprofessional

Ms. M. Doctor, Math

Ms. D. Frederique, Science

Ms. Y. Guerra, Spanish

Ms. M. Harris, Financial Literacy

Ms. T. Ivery, Self Contained

Ms. S. Jackson, Music-Vocal

Mr. X. Lee, Math

Mr. B. May, History

Ms. A. Mucha, Dental

Mr. J. Nazaire, Science

Ms. I Pillot, Guidance

Ms. Rivers, Paraprofessional

Ms. K. Verville, English 

“Adaptability is not imitation. ¬†It means power of resistance and assimilation.”

~Mahatma Ghandi~