Book Review

Ever lost something, and wondered if you would ever be able to find it again? The teen novel The Everafter, written by Amy Huntley, is a narrative written in the perspective of a dead girl. Madison finds herself stuck in a place she has some difficulty learning how to control, as  items that she has lost during her lifetime find their way back to her in the Everafter, and are the only things that still connect her to life. She discovers that the objects give her the ability to travel back  to the exact moments in her life where she has lost them, and relive those moments as many times as she wants. That is, as long as she does not find the lost object while inside these memories. Particularly, Maddy’s attachment to the objects in her life is written in a certain way that corresponds to her age at the time, which is portrayed randomly. These objects consist of only emotionally valuable things, such as a bobby pin, or a sweater.

The way the story is presented to the reader is captivating from the start. No matter your religion or personal beliefs, the author manages to approach the topic of death in a very interesting perspective, that leaves you wondering what the Everafter will look like for yourself. At first, you may start to think the book is about death itself, but will find as you read that it actually describes life beyond death, not only for the narrator. As much as the story fascinated me, the ending of the book lacked a bit of information that the readers might seek as they are reaching the end of this creative story. It left a lot of questions as to what could happen next, and I am sure that as soon as you read it, you will be wondering when will a possible sequel come out.


(a review by Isadora Pedroso)