Visual & Performing Arts Department

Course Description


BARD091 Introduction to Arts I
BARD092 Introduction to Arts II
In this two-semester sequence, which is modular in nature, students experience a wide variety of art forms, including visual arts, theater, dance, and/or music.  Students are encouraged to explore these different forms of artistic expression, and in the process discover commonalities and variations.  These explorations prepare students to select one or more art forms to study in greater depth the following year.

In the 10th grade, students select two semester courses in specific art forms for their Visual/Performing Arts studies. These courses foster a deeper understanding of those forms. Some of these courses are unique BHSEC offerings while others draw from elsewhere in the NPS courese catalogue. Unique BHSEC offerings are BARD093 Studio Art, Bard094 Dance, BARD095 World Dance, and BARD096 Vocal Music.

College-level Visual/Performing Arts requirements are satisfied through a variety of elective offerings.