Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activites

Academic Club Sponsor Description Meeting Time
Engineering Club Mr. Quesada Problem Solving and application aspects of science. TBD
Beta Sigma Sigma Chi Mentoring Sorority Ms. Tammy Davis Five points of the program: Young ladies that pledge our sorority make a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the following categories: Leadership, Sisterhood, Cultural Awareness, Academics and Community Service. Thursday 3:30 Room 217
Yoga Club Mr.  Allen Students will practice basic postures to increase flexibility. Monday and Thursday 3:15

Weight room

Student Council Ms. Jordan and Ms. Meanor Student Council is promoting our four core principles at STEAM though a democratic civics format derived from the American system of government.  The council will hold elections, bill legislation and sub-committees with debate and resolutions.  Also will conduct fundraisers and promote school spirit throughout the year. Mondays

3:00 – 4:00

Room 230

English Language Learner’s Union/ Los Caballeros de Barringer Dr. Perez The mission is to serve student members beyond the E.S.L. classroom with resources for college preparation and career development such as personal statements, interviews, college applications, FASFA forms and résumés.  There will be guest speakers ranging from college admission counselors, college professors, career development professionals and alumni. Monday or Thursday


Room 208

Art Club Mr. Martin The purpose of the Art Club is to allow students to conceive and create artworks of their own making. We would like to create murals and other works for the school. Wednesday 3:05

Rm. 110

Conspiracy Club Mr. Wusinich CONSPIRACY CLUB: In this club we will examine the far reaching corners of alternative media while exploring the value of truth in modern media.  Possible topics could range from the absurdity of UFOs and Bigfoot to more current issues such as voter suppression and modern cyber espionage.  We will also challenge mainstream media by studying accounts of events from different media sources. Thursday


Room 238

School Newspaper Mr. Devitt At the Barringer STEAM newspaper, the Bilingual Blue Bear, we write and report on stories centered on issues and human interest that affect teenagers at Barringer STEAM or write a column on:  student government, athletics, clubs and organizations, fashion, reviews on music, tv, movies, video games, concerts or other topics of interest.  Newspapers will be published at least quarterly. Wednesday and Thursday


Room 231

Anime/Manga Club Mr. Zeth Bell We are meant to enjoy the art of Anime in its many forms of “Anime”, Comics, Manga, Games, and Movies. We will learn good sportsmanship, appreciation for each other’s skills and talents, and (most importantly) how to have good, clean fun for all.  *Funds may be raised at a later time to cover expenses (food, games, outings). Wednesday


Room 237

Small Business Leaders of America Ms. Tucker The purpose of this club is to build students’ customer service and sales skills while also introducing them to budgeting and event planning. The club will be responsible for creating, leading, and executing fundraisers throughout the school to support the senior class. All grades are welcome. Wednesday


Room 217

Yearbook Mr. Phillips The purpose of the Yearbook Club is to produce the annual book that records the highlights of the school year and contains photographs of everyone in the school community. Special attention is given to the graduating class. Students in the club contribute to the team effort by writing, checking facts, typing texts, taking photographs, selecting and uploading images, and working with design programs on the Yearbook Room computers. Wednesday




Gay-Straight Alliance Mr. Myers Wednesday 3:00-4:00

Room 232

Guitar Club Mr. Lazodelavega This is a beginning music course for students with little or no formal training on the guitar. Music fundamentals covering basic theory, notation, and rhythm will be covered. Every Day 3:10-5

Room 109

3-D Printing Club Ms. Welkis Students will collaborate, design, and produce innovative and fun projects on the different 3D printers and the ShopBot CNC Router. Thursday 3:15-4:30

Room 101

Girls Support Ms. Smith/Ms. Pabby The purpose of the group is to provide support with academic and social issues for our female students. Thursday 3:00 – 4:00

Room 226

Senior Advisor Ms. Davis and Ms. Tucker  

Guiding senior students through the senior year process; including prom, yearbook, graduation, and college application.


3:15 -5:00pm

Room 217