Attendance Policy

Students are required to attend school every day. Any student who is absent for more than 18 days in any school year may be subject to retention, except under the following circumstances.

  1. The absence is caused by chronic patterns of medical illness, to be certified by the school nurse or by a medical doctor.
  2. The absence is caused by long-term illness or injury in excess of 18 days, to be certified by the school nurse or by a medical doctor.
  3. The absence is caused by a legal or social agency intervention, to be documented by appropriate authorities.

In all cases when any attendance exception is granted, a student must successfully achieve the academic standards of the district, the criteria for promotion, and be approved for promotion by the building Principal.

At the end of each marking cycle student attendance will be included on the student report card. If there appears to be any discrepancy in a student’s attendance it is the responsibility of the student and/or parent/guardian to meet with the appropriate school official to clarify the attendance record.

Notifying School

When a student must be absent due to personal illness or emergency, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school Attendance Officer by telephone call, in a note delivered to the school, or in person no later than 9:00 A. M. to explain the nature of the student’s absence. This can only be done by a parent or guardian. A student cannot notify the school him/herself. If the notification is not made to the Main Office by the parent or guardian on the day of an absence the student will be considered truant and the absence will become an unexcused absence. No student will be allowed to makeup any school work that has occurred due to unexcused absences. Upon returning to school the student must submit a personal note from a parent or guardian explaining the absence. A doctor’s note may be requested for reasons due to illness. The Department of Attendance may certify the absence and have it changed from unexcused to excused by the Vice Principal in charge of that department.

Absent From School

Attendance is taken on a daily basis in every class. Parents are notified daily of student absence, through the computer calling machine. Full-time attendance counselors visit homes of students who have repeated absences. The counselors investigate reasons for poor attendance and encourage students to return to school. These counselors may be reached to discuss attendance related matters. Any student with three or more consecutive days absent from school must report to the Health Office with a note from the physician.

Absence From Class

Students who are absent from class for five or more “unexcused” days in a cycle, risk failing that class for the cycle. Those students who are out of class for medical reasons must return to school with a physician’s note and must report directly to the Health Office. These medical excuses do not absolve the student from completing all required class work assigned by the teacher.