Attendance Information

What Does Good Attendance Look Like?

Good attendance means coming to school every day, on time, and remaining until the end of the day.

Student achievement is dependent on their ability to engage in the full

academic day. When students come to school late or leave early they miss out on instructional time that impacts their ability to develop as readers , writers, mathematicians, and critical thinkers.

School ends at 3:40pm. Parents should NOT pick up students beforeĀ  dismissal. When students are picked up before dismissal it disrupts the learning for the students as well as the entire class.

IF your child has an afternoon appointment that requires them to leave early, please communicate this appointment in writing to the classroom teacher 24 hours in advance.

Any emergency departures must be communicated by phone to the principal prior to picking up your child early. We will not disrupt the learning process unless it is an emergency. In order for your child to develop to their fullest potential they must be present for the entire academic day.

Thank You,

Mrs. Rose,