Students 2 Science

Mayor Ras Baraka and Newark Public Schools Superintendent Chris Cerf have formed a collaborative partnership with Students 2 Science in order to align Newark students with rigorous science and with authentic, high-demand New Jersey careers, beginning early to inspire and motivate elementary students and continuing to build on that experience through high school.  By making STEM education and 21st century technical skill development a priority in Newark, we will ensure that Newark’s children are part of the dialogue and future workforce of the state.
Students 2 Science conducts two programs:
In the S2S ISAAC Program (Improving Student Affinity and Aptitude for Careers in STEM), middle and high school students take part in multiple visits to the S2S Technology Center in East Hanover, New Jersey, for more than 20 hours of practical skills development.  They are provided with hands-on access to approximately $4M of sophisticated instrumentation in the 5,000-square foot laboratory.  Students work side-by-side with volunteer professional scientists and conduct rigorous, age-appropriate experiments designed to reinforce State and Federal core curriculum and Next Generations Science standards. 
S2S has a second program which gives the organization the means to expand its services nationally and globally, and to impact significantly the lives of tens of thousands more students:  the Virtual Laboratory (V-Lab).   S2S, in partnership with Connectivity, Inc., and in collaboration with the American Chemical Society, has developed a fully interactive, Web-based, hybrid, distance-based learning program to support elementary, middle, and high school science curricula.  This V-Lab Program uses high speed video to enable students (grades 4 through 12) – in their classrooms and the S2S Technology Center in East Hanover, tosimultaneously conduct a series of challenging, age-appropriate, hands-on science experiments.   Volunteer professional scientists from local corporations and communities provide in-class mentoring and instruction/ or virtual participation.
Next year your school and students have been chosen as part of the first wave of Newark’s expansion for this program. Funding is being secured for your school to participate as follows:
·         3 ISAAC visits with busing to and from your school
·         10 V-Laboratory sessions
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