Expeditionary L

Expeditionary Learning is the English Language Art (ELA) curriculum for grades three through eight. The curriculum emphasizes mastery of knowledge and skills, character and high-quality student work. The curriculum aligns with the Common Core standards requirement which exposes students to a wider range of information and real-world examples that makes reading exciting. The curriculum focuses on the development and advancement of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, text analysis and textual evidence based arguments. The skills developed by this curriculum are essential for success in college and career. The skills are not limited to English Language Art but also impact achievement in subject area like science, technology or business. In addition, it is a student focused curriculum where students are empowered with leadership skills. This curriculum empowers students to express their opinions, and hold intellectual discussion among peers with different perspective.




math in focus


Math in Focus is the math curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grade. It is designed to incorporate the Common Core standards for math and mathematical practice. The goal is to make available to our students one of the best mathematical resources in the world so that our students will be able to compete with their contemporaries in and outside of the classroom. The curriculum is developed to increase mastering of mathematical concept, emphasize and advance problem-solving skills, and apply skills to real life problems.






Core Knowledge Language Art (CKLA) is our curriculum for ELA from Kindergarten through second grade. This curriculum strives to introduce reading, writing, thinking and analyzing to children at an early age in an interesting way. The curriculum captivates their attention and interest in reading early in life. The excitement for reading will positively impact other subject areas like science, social studies, and math. The goal is to initiate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, in addition, to achieving greater reading comprehension and writing skills in preparation for the next level of academic achievement.