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Dear 13th Avenue/MLK Renew School Families:

As principal of 13th Avenue/MLK Renew School, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another productive and exciting school year. I have served as Principal for one year and Vice Principal for Newark Public schools since 2011. I have been working with the 13th Avenue/MLK Renew School community since 2012. In 2004, I began my career in education as a middle school literacy teacher. My commitment to teaching and learning compelled me to earn a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.  Last year was a great year of growth and progress and we strive to become a school of choice in our community.

My goal and the goal of my leadership team are to ensure that 13th Avenue/MLK Renew School will once again be a preferred school for the students of Newark. Our mission and vision is to provide all students with a strong academic foundation that will prepare them for success in high school, college, and beyond. We will strive to foster a welcoming school community where students, parents, and staff are safe, supported, and encouraged to excel at their highest potential.

  • In an effort to prepare students for academic success we have staffed our school with academic interventionists. These specialists will work to develop perquisite skills in literacy and math, track student progress, and support an inclusive school community where All students will be provided with tailored instruction in accordance with their needs to achieve mastery of learning goals and expectations. The interventionists will utilize several programs designed to assist students in developing their skills to meet the expectations of grade-level readiness. These literacy programs are Fundations for grades K-2 and System 44 for grades 3-8. In addition, every classroom will have access to digital programs that will be used to improve individual student progress. Teachers will use I-Ready literacy and I-Ready math to guarantee students in the classroom maintain and develop grade-level skills.
  • In order to ensure academic success for all students we are fostering an inclusive environment. We have implemented a co-teaching model in classes from grades 2-5. One classroom per grade-level will be supported by two teachers: one general education teacher and one special education teacher. Some students in the class will require the additional support per their IEP. However, all students in the class will benefit from the collaborative instruction of two skilled educators.
  • A safe and supportive school culture is paramount to the success of the students we service. In order to foster this type of culture we have partnered with two organizations to support our students, teachers, and parents. Ramapo for Children is an organization that will provide professional development for staff members as well as workshops for parents. Their mission is to provide teachers and parents with strategies and tools to manage behavioral issues. In addition, we are utilizing Restorative Practices to build a community where everyone’s voice is valued and strong relationships are built amongst all members of the school community. We are also adding two additional behaviorists to our staff to improve our student’s social and emotional well-being. Furthermore, our Jewish Renaissance Health Center conveniently located in the basement of our school provides medical, dental, and behavioral health/counseling services to our families and members of the community.
  • Our STEM initiative is under full STEAM! We have an amazing partnership with Students2Science. Our students take part in multiple visits to the S2S Technology Center in East Hanover, New Jersey, for more than 20 hours of practical skills development.  They are provided with hands-on access to approximately $4M of sophisticated instrumentation in the 5,000-square foot laboratory.  Students work side-by-side with volunteer professional scientists and conduct rigorous, age-appropriate experiments designed to reinforce State and Federal core curriculum and Next Generations Science standards. In addition, our students have access to the Virtual Lab. This V-Lab Program uses high speed video to enable students (grades 4 through 12) – in their classrooms and the S2S Technology Center in East Hanover, tosimultaneously conduct a series of challenging, age-appropriate, hands-on science experiments. We also have a STEAM partnership with the Stevenson Institute and a robust science elective program that includes robotics, circuit technology, and computer coding.

Educating young people is my passion and I am committed to the success of the students at 13th Avenue/MLK Renew School. My hope is to build a school community where parents have a voice and an active role in the education of their children. Our school is a community school and our purpose is to support the families that we serve. As we embark on the 2016-2017 school year, I encourage all parents to take the opportunity to come to the school to meet the leadership team and share your ideas. Our intention is to build relationships with our parents that are collaborative, positive, and supportive.  I look forward to partnering with all of you.  This will be another fantastic school year!

Yours Truly,

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